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JANUS is Japan's top technology consultant making its contribution since 1971 to the development of nuclear energy and environmental protection in Japan.


Japan consumes the most primary energy after the U.S. and China.
It also has limited resources, and therefore it imports all of its requirements for fossil fuel and uranium fuel.
For this reason Japan emphasizes utilizing nuclear energy by taking into consideration the best mix of energy. We are also heavily committed to the development of energy-saving technology. Our technology level in these fields is at the highest level in the world. JANUS provides services to this industry totaling several thousand cases, backed by our proven record.


Japan is an island nation rich in nature even though about 120 million people live within a 400,000 km2 area. It is actively engaged in mining and manufacturing. Japan's economy had robust growth after Word War II. But in the 1970s, the nation experienced environmental and pollution problems caused in part by the growing population and industrial development. A shortage of oil also caused energy reductions. Japan has accumulated experiences and achievements because it was compelled to seriously consider growth potential while protecting social and natural environments. JANUS has abundant experience and technology for sustaining continuous development to the satisfaction of many customers.


As a consulting firm, our forte is in energy, the environment, system technology, energy economy and environmental economy. The 21st century looks for stable energy supplies, environmental protection and economic development on a global scale. And, because any two of these categories are in a mutually "dilemmatic relationship", there is an established saying in Japan that these three are in a "tri-lemmatic" relationship. Our company examines economic problems from the standpoint of "tri-lemma".


System development technology becomes an important element in the energy, environment and economic consulting businesses. We have the systems and top-rate experience necessary to analyze the safety of energy-related plants, evaluate the impact unforeseen accidents can have on the environment or forecast the diffusion rate of pollution discharged after such accidents. Based on our abundant experiences, we provide system development services in a wide spectrum of scientific fields.

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