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岸本幸雄画像Established in 1971, Japan NUS Co., Ltd. (JANUS) offers technically advanced consulting services that aim to balance energy supply and economic growth with environmental conservation.

The abbreviated name of our company is that of the ancient Roman god, Janus. With two faces, one facing forward and the other backward, Janus is known as the god who stands between the beginning and end of things, between the past and the future. The name of the first month of the year, January, is thought to come from the Latin for “the month of Janus,” which also reveals how Janus is the god positioned at the boundary of the past (last year) and future (this year).

The foundation of our technical consulting service is our accurate understanding of the vast amount of technology, knowledge, and wisdom amassed worldwide to date. Based on this, we help our customers by considering, proposing, and implementing strategies together for the customers to achieve progress tomorrow. Our mission is to lead the way into the future while keeping an eye on the past, which is the same position that Janus took.

Our goal is to help global business expansion utilizing the consulting know-how we have accumulated since our foundation in the fields of energy, environment, and social science. By applying our information research capacity, field research capacity, and analytical capability including numerical simulation, as well as our integrative capability to bring all of these together, along with our project operation capability, JANUS will contribute worldwide to continuous economic development balanced with environmental conservation. Helping the world to build safe and secure future societies — that is our dream.

October 1, 2015
Representative Director and President

Yukio Kishimoto