Global Environment

  Those environmental issues involving and affecting extensive resources – such as marine pollution and global warming – need to be addressed as global environmental problems through international cooperation. In addition to the inherent complexity of the issues there are many countries with interests at stake. Before action can be taken, there needs to be true understanding of the circumstances.

Measures to combat climate change

  Based on the wealth of information that we have related to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and its supporting structures, we are actively supporting the creation of Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) and Joint Credit Mechanisms (JCM) as well as providing support for credit transactions.

Ocean dumping of Waste Materials, etc.

  Based on our extensive expertise in such areas as marine environment, waste and chemical substances, over the last 20+ years we have been carrying out continuous research and analysis of international trends, national regulations for each country and influences on out domestic laws related to the London Convention and Protocol.
Utilizing this expertise, we provide consulting services that addresses international trends in ocean dumping of waste materials and related domestic laws and regulations.

Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS)

Carbon dioxide capture and storage (CCS)