Through environmental programs, we will contribute to the creation of a prosperous, safe and secure society founded on sustainable economic growth.
  • Ambient air quality

    Ambient air quality

    With our extensive experience in the fields of air quality simulation models and environmental air policy support, we contribute to better air quality in Japan.

  • Water environment

    Water environment

    Our abundant knowledge and operational experience regarding oceans and rivers enables us to deal with diverse needs and issues related to these water environments.

  • Terrestrial environment

    Terrestrial environment

    We address a broad range of problems such as the environmental issues permeating the daily life, the destruction of nature, environmental impact assessments, etc.

  • Fishery stock management

    Fishery stock management

    We evaluate fishery resources based on scientific knowledge in order to support the sustainable use of fishery stocks.

  • Resource Circulation / Waste Management

    Waste management & recycle

    We are working on measures for marine litter, promoting the circulation of plastic resources, and studying ways to reduce food loss.

  • Climate Change

    Climate Change

    We provide various consulting services on global environmental issues such as ocean dumping (in the context of the London Protocol) and global warming.