We address the problems of energy and resources. In particular, we have been providing technical consulting services related to nuclear power generation since our foundation.
  • Information Services & Consulting

    Nuclear energy: Information Services & Consulting

    We provide timely information primarily from the U.S. and Europe in various fields such as nuclear regulation, safety issues, operating experience, maintenance, aging management, and so on through collaboration with overseas business partners.

  • Fuel Cycle and Waste Management

    Nuclear energy: Fuel Cycle and Waste Management

    We carry out survey of the latest trends in Japan and overseas, and safety analysis etc. in order to support the operation of nuclear fuel cycle facilities, the decommissioning of nuclear facilities, and the disposal of radioactive waste.

  • New energy & Renewable energy

    New energy & Renewable energy

    We offer service such as business constitution, technical support for renewable energy projects, technical reviews of projects, biofuel manufacturing assistance, and carbon dioxide reduction evaluations using LCA.