Our Experts

  • Junko SUGAYA

    Junko SUGAYA
    Director, General Manager

    Provides useful information for Japanese clients on nuclear safety regulations and operation / maintenance practices in the US and European countries through document surveys, site visits and expert seminars, in order to contribute to safety improvements and problem resolutions at Japanese nuclear power plants. Specializes in nuclear engineering. PhD.

  • Mitsutake KUDO

    Mitsutake KUDO
    Director, General Manager

    Assists companies with the environmental aspects of their overseas development activities, utilizing his work experience in environmental impact assessment, soil pollution, support of the development of environmental regulations and guidelines, environmental due diligence for overseas projects, consultation on measures against environmental pollution in Vietnam, etc.

  • Minoru MORIYAMA

    Minoru MORIYAMA
    Associate Director, Assistant General Manager

    Provides consultation on safety and environmental analysis in nuclear facilities based on his knowledge of radiation exposure in normal operation and accident situations.

  • Masayoshi UNO

    Masayoshi UNO
    Associate Director, Unit Manager

    Provides consultation centered on the marine environment, including fieldwork in rivers, lakes, coastal / offshore waters, and on the analysis / environmental impact assessment of gathered data.

  • Takeshi SUGIYAMA

    Takeshi SUGIYAMA
    Associate Director, Unit Manager

    Provide consulting services on disposal techniques and management measures, based on his experience of many overseas researches on radioactive waste disposal.


    Senior Fellow, Chief Technical Officer

    Provides reliable consultation contributing to environmental conservation and economic development, based on his extensive knowledge of marine life, the marine environment, and the impact of chemicals on human health and the environment. He is supported in his work by a close network of Japanese and overseas experts.

  • Takuya SESHIMO

    Takuya SESHIMO
    Unit Manager

    Provides consultation services on nuclear regulation referring to good practices in US and European countries. Supports domestic clients on oversea nuclear projects.

  • Yoichiro ISHIBASHI

    Youichiro ISHIBASHI
    Unit Manager

    Specializes in marine ecology and engages in marine environment monitoring, environmental impact assessment, and risk communication.
    He has provided consultation on various problems related to radioactive materials in the environment since the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. P.E.Jp (environmental).

  • Wataru TAKAHASHI
    Unit Manager

  • Nagayuki KURITA
    Unit Manager

    Provide professional consulting service on climate change measures based on abundant experiences of international CO2 emission trading and reliable networks with Western companies and special institutions. Familiar with UNFCCC, international and domestic decarbonization policies.