Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting the website of Japan NUS Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “JANUS”).
Please read the following terms of use and privacy policy carefully beforehand and do not use the website unless you accept them.

Conditions of Use:


Although JANUS makes every effort to uphold the accuracy of the information contained in this website, this website does not constitute a guarantee and JANUS accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies contained herein or any trouble that occurs between the user and a third party as a result of using this website. JANUS also accepts no responsibility for any trouble of software or hardware or other damage resulting from the use of this website. Furthermore, the contents of this website are subject to change, modification or removal without notice.


The copyright to the contents of this website belongs to JANUS. However, the author of some works may be someone other than JANUS. The copyright of such works belongs in principle to the author concerned. The contents of this website shall not be used for any purpose other than private individual use, or be modified or reproduced in part or whole, without prior written acceptance from JANUS.


The rights to the trademarks and service marks that appear on the JANUS website belong to JANUS or the copyright holders who have permitted their use by JANUS. These shall not be used without the prior acceptance of the copyright holders.

Links to the JANUS website

Although you are free in principle to create links to the JANUS website, JANUS kindly asks you to inform the webmaster at webmasterjanus.co.jp. Links to the JANUS website may be removed depending on the content of the other sites or the method by which these are linked. Please create any link to the URL https://www.janus.co.jp/ and state explicitly that it is the JANUS website. The creation of a direct link other than the URL https://www.janus.co.jp/ is prohibited in principle.

Link destinations

Other websites linked from the JANUS website are not administered by JANUS. Please use such websites according to their terms of use. JANUS accepts no responsibility for the content of such websites or any damage resulting from their use

Contact email addresses

Some pages of the JANUS website may show a specific contact email address. Please send any inquiries about such pages to the email address shown.
If you have a general inquiry about the JANUS website, or if you are unsure who to address your inquiry to, please write to the webmaster at webmasterjanus.co.jp. Please understand that although JANUS do our best to respond to all emails, JANUS may not always be able to reply.

Privacy Policy

JANUS respects the personal information provided by customers on the JANUS website and makes every effort to protect their privacy. JANUS explains our policy on handling customers’ personal information as follows.

Protection of privacy

When browsing the JANUS website, customers do not normally need to provide their personal information such as name, address, email address, and so on.
However, JANUS may ask for personal information in relation to questionnaires, etc. within the website for the purpose of contacting the customers later or providing a fuller service. In such cases, JANUS asks customers for a minimum amount of personal information with fully respect their right to decide themselves whether or not to provide such information.

Restriction on disclosure or provision of information to third parties

JANUS will not disclose customers’ personal information to third parties other than our business outsourcing partners without the consent of customers. However, JANUS may disclose personal information without customers’ consent if required to do so by law or requested by a public institution such as a court, the police, etc.

Handling the access log

The JANUS website automatically saves the IP address and domain name of computers on which customers visit there. This information is used not to identify individual customers but to statistically process the access status of customers as a whole. Customers may therefore use the website anonymously unless they provide JANUS with their own personal information.


In the handling of customers’ personal information, JANUS appoints an administrator (or webmaster) who endeavors to prevent such information from divulging outside the company by implementing adequate controls. To protect against the risk of customers’ personal information being illegally accessed from outside the company, lost, damaged or falsified, the administrator also implements a proper and reasonable level of safety measures.


With regard to the handling of customers’ personal information, JANUS will review and improve the above items in future while complying with the applicable laws and norms.