JANUS Topics

Fukushima Reconstruction Support

Problem and its background

  Fukushima Prefecture suffered severe damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the resulting tsunami, as well as from the subsequent nuclear power plant accident. Today, many people have still not been able to return home after following the evacuation orders.
  We at JANUS are currently fully utilizing our experience consulting on environmental and energy issues to work towards finding solutions to issues such as the health effects of radiation, decontamination, interim storage facility for a huge amount of removed soil, etc. (including soil with high levels of radiation), and the challenges of decommissioning.
  In the future, we hope to contribute to the reconstruction of Fukushima by making full use of our expertise in renewable energy and social sciences, as well as by extending our involvement into other fields, such the creation of new industries, the reconstruction of businesses and occupations, and the restoration of nature and culture so that it these be passed down to future generations.

Past Projects

  • Ministry of the Environment (Government of Japan)
    Support of the investigative commission on environment restoration
    Support of the administrative procedures for Kawauchi Village decontamination
    Support of the residents’ briefings on the health effects of radiation
    Support of the environmental impact assessment regarding storage facilities for radioactive waste
    Study of the impact of interim storage facilities on the surrounding environment and the required conservation measures
  • Japan Wildlife Research Center
    Study of radiation impact on wildlife
  • Japanese private companies
    Support of the Tohoku reconstruction tour
    Support of the purchase of products manufactured in Fukushima Prefecture