Biofuel R&D Strategy Consulting

Service/Our Capabilities

  For the successful development of business with application of recent biotechnology, we believe analysis of the latest technological trends and techno-economic evaluation is essential.
  Based on our strong expertise in bioenergy and molecular biology and experience with life cycle assessment (LCA) in the environmental business field, we support companies overcoming R&D challenges and creating business solutions.

Analysis of Global Technological Trends

  We provide consultancy services on relevant technological trends based on reliable national and international information sources, including academic journals and reports from government and research institutes as well as insights obtained through our international surveys and business network.

Evaluation of Environmental Aspects

  We provide evaluation of energy balance, CO2 emissions inventory, and other material balances tailored to improve your business performance.

Evaluation of Business Feasibility

  We provide consultancy services on business scenarios and techno-economic analysis aiming at the improvement or development of your new business.


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