Safety & Disaster prevention

 We have provided consulting service for solving energy and environmental issues since our foundation in 1971 and have accumulated extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of safety and disaster-prevention.
We provide our clients solutions for safety and disaster-prevention issues using our approaches such as information survey, computer simulation and data analysis, as well as experience and knowledge.

  • Reliability & Risk assessment

    Reliability & Risk assessment

    We support probabilistic risk assessments (PRA) and risk-based management of facilities, starting with nuclear power stations.

  • Disaster prevention & Exposure evaluation

    Disaster prevention & Exposure evaluation

    We develop codes that are applicable to various fields from plume modeling to 3D modeling, and carry out analysis work of atmospheric advection and diffusion, environmental impact assessment, etc.

  • Chemical Plant Safety Impact Assessment

    Chemical Plant Safety Impact Assessment

    Using impact assessment tools, we quantitatively evaluate the degree of damage caused by chemical plant accidents.

  • Radiation Effects on Human Health and Environment

    Radiation Effects on Human Health and Environment

    We conduct and support surveys in Japan and overseas into research trends related to radiation effects and regulatory trends related to radiation protection.

  • Electromagnetic fields

    Electromagnetic fields

    We perform extensive investigation of research activities, current and future regulations and standards, as well as related social issues in regard to potential health impact of electromagnetic fields around the world.