UKCCSRC、Flexible Funding 2022で資金を獲得したプロジェクト13件を発表



UK Carbon Capture and Storage Research Center (UKCCSRC) は、Flexible Funding 2022の公募で資金を獲得した13件のプロジェクトを発表しました。
対象となった以下の13件のプロジェクトに総額368,792ポンドが授与されました。この公募では、10万ポンドの枠を設けてキャリア初期の研究者(ECR)に応募資格を与えた公募であり、対象に選ばれた13件のうち5 件はECR が主導するものです。

・Robert Gordon University : Evaluation of Caprock Integrity for Geosequestration of CO2 in Low Temperature Reservoirs
・University of Wolverhampton : Modelling and Simulation and Economic Evaluation of CO2 Capture Using Downflow Gas Contactor (DGC) Process
・Cranfield University : Developing the understanding and prototyping of amine electrostatic precipitation
・University of Edinburgh : CarbNET Carbonation negative emission technology
・University of Manchester : Integration of CO2 Capture at Dispersed and Remote UK Cement Production with CCS Infrastructure
・Heriot-Watt University : Rockit – the geochemistry of turning carbon to rock via geological CO2 storage in basalts
・University of Sheffield : SMART – Solvent Management At Reduced Throughput – prototype demonstration
・Brunel University London : Investigation of Environmental and Operational Challenges of Adsorbents Synthesised from Industrial Grade Biomass Combustion Residues
・University of Hull : Co-DAC: Low-energy Direct Air Capture potential when combined with a Post Combustion Capture plant
・University of Bradford : Evaluation of properties of biomass wood pellets in power generation
・University of Nottingham : CO2 Utilisation for Accelerated Carbonation Curing towards Net-Zero Circular Concrete Industry
・University of Strathclyde : Exploring wage-driven employment displacement in a supply constrained labour market as CCUS integrates into the UK economy
・Newcastle University : Machine Learning for Perovskite-based Oxygen Carriers Development in Chemical Looping Hydrogen Production



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