Japan NUS Co., Ltd. (JANUS) has been the choice of hundreds of clients for more than 50 years because of our wealth of knowledge and experience, and our high-quality and sincere service.

We specialize in energy- and environment-related challenges

   In the field of energy, we are specialists in nuclear power-related challenges. We are especially experienced in the regulations and technical trends in overseas nuclear power generation, plant-aging countermeasures, the nuclear fuel cycle, decommissioning, radioactive waste, reliability risk assessment, and health effects of radiation. We have the most thorough database for these topics in Japan. In recent years, we have also assisted in the technical assessment of renewable and alternative energies.
   In the field of environment, we deal with a wide range of critical issues, including the pollution of the ocean, land, and air, and various risks posed by waste materials, toxic chemicals, and radioactive material. In addition, we provide solutions for environmental problems that occur on a global scale such as those related to transboundary air pollution and climate change, as well as environmental issues related to deep sea resource development.

We approach challenges with the best methods

  JANUS approaches these broad-ranging challenges with a variety of methods, including literature research, environment surveys, feasibility study, overseas research, analysis and evaluation, diffusion simulation, system development, and risk communication.
  We also support our clients in speeding up administrative procedures, organizing stakeholder meetings with local people, developing documentation, attending international conferences, and setting up expert panels.
   We consult with our clients to find a solution together, and offer them a proposal that combines the best methods to solve their problem.

We are consultants for interdisciplinary and highly specialized challenges

  JANUS puts together a consulting team with diverse expertise for each project; the team can even manage unique, cross-sectional topics. Together with the client, the team determines where the problems lie, what the real challenges are, and how to resolve them.
   Through our operations over the years, JANUS has built collaborative relationships with experts from research and academic institutions within and outside Japan, and formed alliances with both Japanese and foreign consulting firms. This enables us to address wide-ranging interdisciplinary and highly specialized challenges.