Risk communication

Risk communication

  Risk communication is the interactive process of exchanging information and opinions between those concerned in order to enhance risk management and scientific and technical governance. This method can improve mutual understanding between interested parties and increase their sense of trust in risk managers, giving them a common perception of risk and enabling them to jointly engage in appropriate risk management.
   JANUS uses its experience in various risk fields in Japan to offer business solutions according to the following three steps, supporting a series of communication processes from information surveys and outreach to dialog sessions.

Step 1: Understand social needs

  • Investigate methods and cases (research into advanced cases and methods in various fields/industries in Japan and overseas)
  • Get people’fs opinions (questionnaires, group interviews, big data analysis, etc.)
  • Design plans (stakeholder analysis, creation of guidelines, communication process design, etc.

Step 2: Devise ways of conveying information

  • Create explanatory materials (booklets, pamphlets, panels, model/georama, videos, website)
  • Develop communicators (creation and implementation of training program)

Step 3: Connect through communication

  • Plan and conduct dialog sessions (session planning, creation of explanatory materials, conducting of sessions, progress, expert explanations, compilation of results)
  • Regional contribution (support for environmental education, radiation education, holding of events, regional promotion)

   JANUS draws on its experience in environmental assessment, chemical materials management, atmospheric pollution, conservation of aquatic environment and organisms, soil and groundwater pollution, carbon capture and storage, nuclear power and radiation, radioactive waste, electromagnetic fields, and others, to handle a wide range of subjects in collaboration with consultants in these specialized fields, and consultants in the field of communication.