JANUS asked for contribution of essays on “Toward Post-Fukushima ” to experienced people in different countries who have kindly cooperated with JANUS for these years, in order to support Japanese nuclear community to overcome the present disaster. Thankfully more than a dozen experts willingly contributed the essays with full of wisdom, valuable suggestions and heartwarming encouragement, which will be posted in series.


Ⅰ. Where do we come from? – Learn from experiences

It Happened to Me
Edward R. Frederick, Three Mile Island Nuclear Station, Exelon, USA

Finding Hope in the Fukushima Accident Experience
Scott Newberry, Principal Nuclear Safety Consultant, AdSTM, Inc., USA

Ⅱ. 3.11 – What I thought.

An American’s Perspective of the Recent Event in Japan and at the Fukushima Nuclear Station
Morris Branch, Consultant, USA

Fukushima Accident. A View from Russia
Andrey Ovcharov, Ph.D., Head of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Department, International Business Relations, LLC, Russia

A Mexican perspective of Fukushima’s Event
Magdalena Gris, Verde NPP, Mexico

Swedish Nuclear History and The First Days and Weeks with Fukushima ― From Sweden No. 1
Carl G. Lindvall, former Barsebäck Kraft AB and Dr. Karl Östlund, SSM, Sweden

Ⅲ. Where are we going? – Actions in my country

What’s going in Korean Governmental Nuclear Authorities toward Post- Fukushima
Lee, Kyungho, ACT, Co. Ltd., Korea

我思故我在-日本福島電廠核子事故之我見 (in Traditional Chinese)
Jing-Hsien Chiang, Ph.D., JANUS,Taiwan

Fukushima as seen from the Gulf
Christer Viktorsson, Deputy Director General, Operations, Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ein sehr persönlicher Erklärungsversuch zur deutschen Energiepolitik nach Fukushima
Peter Kapteinat, Freiberufliche Tätigkeit, Ehemalige VGB Power Tech/NIS Ingenieurgesellschaft, Germany

Les conséquences de l’accident de Fukushima en Europe
Jean-Claude Lecomte, Consultant individuel, Former EDF, France

Ⅳ. How to go there? – Toward Post-Fukushima

Nuclear Regulation in Japan after Fukushima
Gail H. Marcus, Consultant, USA

Never Again
Lars Hogberg, Former Director General, Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, Sweden

How Safe is Safe Enough?
Antti Vuorinen, Director General, Emeritus, STUK, Finland

Jose Ramon Torralbo Estrada, Plant Manager, Santa Maria de Garoña NPP, Spain

Recovery from Fukushima
Howard Arnold, Former Supervisor, Preventive Maintenance Program, Diablo Canyon, PG&E, USA

My Thoughts and Reflections
Tom Morgan, President, Maracor Software & Engineering, Inc., USA

One Example on How to Build Up Trust and How to Counteract the Inaccuracies in the Press ― From Sweden No. 2
Carl G. Lindvall, former Barsebäck Kraft AB, Sweden