Terrestrial Environment

  Since its founding in 1971, JANUS has offered consulting services regarding environmental issues that permeate daily life, as well as solutions to those issues and the preparation of environmental assessments.
We have abundant experience in conducting surveys on terrestrial flora and fauna related to environmental assessments according to project plans and regional characteristics.
  We also investigate common issues in our daily lives, such as noise and vibration, which may create discomfort or pain and otherwise affect quality of life such as the ability to sleep soundly. Additionally, we assess soil and groundwater conditions at a particular site in order to evaluate potential impacts due to pollution and propose appropriate mitigation measures. In this way, our consulting services contribute to preventing environmental and health impacts.

Surveys on terrestrial flora and fauna

  JANUS provides consulting services for the realization of environmental assessments, including those involving terrestrial flora and fauna surveys. JANUS has a long proven track record with this kind of survey, and is highly committed to conducting them according to project plans and regional characteristics in order to achieve the clientfs objectives and expectations.

Noise and vibration

  It is possible to numerically simulate the phenomenon of noise transmitting through the air and vibrations traveling through the ground based on the physical features between the noise or vibration origin and the receiving location or media. JANUS gathers information on present conditions, predicts and evaluates impacts, and proposes mitigation measures for various issues involving noise and vibration.

Soil and groundwater pollution

  JANUS supports measures to remediate soil pollution not only through environmental site assessments and surveys on soil and groundwater pollution, but also through consulting on management/administrative services, such as reporting to the concerned authority, disclosing information, and dealing with local residents.
  We also provide services such as environmental due diligence at the time of Merging & Acquisitions (M&A) and internal audits on health, safety, and environmental conditions to meet our customersf needs (including, for example, length of time, methods, and costs). We also conduct field studies and compile reports in English for multinational corporations, taking into account national and international regulations as well as differences in perspectives and customs.