Business Establishment Support & Technical Review

  Global warming is attracting attentions as a worldwide environmental issue. Greenhouse gases are one of the causal factors of global warming, and thus their reduction is a topic of great importance in every country. Moreover, the introduction of self-supporting and decentralized energy utilizing resources, such as renewable energy, is being accelerated due to the desire for a reliable supply of electric power following the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, because there have hardly ever been any renewable energy businesses in Japan in the past, situations arise where business operators struggle with regards to fuel procurement, technical know-how (such as the selection of appropriate equipment), and business establishment.

Service/Our capabilities

  JANUS provides technical support to business operators planning renewable energy operations, such as business establishment and fuel procurement. We also provide technical reviews as a third-party organization from the standpoint of a financial institution investing in the business.

Business Establishment Support

  We provide various types of support, such as business balance and feasibility, to business operators planning a renewable energy business.

Technical Support

  We provide various types of support to business operators from a technical viewpoint, such as the selection of appropriate equipment and fuel procurement for renewable energy businesses.

Technical Review of Investment and Lending for Renewable Energy Businesses

  Technical reviews are provided as a third-party organization from the standpoint of a financial institution planning to invest in a renewable energy business, in aspects such as the feasibility of the business and the equipment to be used.

Past Projects

  • Ministry of Environment (Government of Japan)
    Challenge 25 Regional Development Project FY2012-2013 (“Benefit of Biomass Chip in Shonai” Project)
    Integrated Support Model Project for Low Carbon Regions FY2013(“Benefit of Biomass Chip in Shonai” Project)
  • Forestry Agency (Government of Japan)
    Business promoting the construction of a model region utilizing woody biomass energy(FY2012, feasibility survey)(Asahikawa region, Hokkaido)
  • Green Fund (Investment fund utilizing the funds set up by the Japanese Ministry of Environment)
    Small- and medium-sized hydroelectric power plants, solar power generation, woody biomass power generation, technical inspection of biogas power generation