Safety & Disaster prevention

Compensation risk assessment for chemical leakage accidents

  This system predicts the diffusion pattern when a chemical substance leaks or disperses into the atmosphere and assesses the level of impact on the human body depending on the density and residence time of the substance. By correlating the resulting impact level with population data plotted on a map, we calculate the size of the damage sustained by the envisioned leak accident.
   The assessment items produced by a damage assessment include the maximum damage trend, the density and distribution of the hazardous chemical, the damage probability distribution depending on the hazardous chemical, the risk of damage, and so on. This system is applicable to fields such as (1) post-accident assessment of hazardous chemical storage facilities, (2) creation of hazard maps in local municipalities, and (3) emergency evacuation assistance.
   The prediction results of this system contribute to the risk management of the target organizations and businesses.