New energy & Renewable energy

  Global warming is attracting attentions as a worldwide environmental issue. Greenhouse gases are one of the causal factors of global warming, and thus their reduction is a topic of great importance in every country. Moreover, the introduction of self-supporting and decentralized energy utilizing resources, such as renewable energy, is being accelerated due to the desire for a reliable supply of electric power following the Great East Japan Earthquake.
  In view of these issues, JANUS provide technical support to develop your renewable energy businesses with respect to fuel procurement and appropriate equipment, as well as technical reviews as a third-party organization from the standpoint of a financial institution investing in the business. We also support manufacturing biofuels utilizing biomass, such as algae, as new sources of energy. Furthermore, we evaluate the effect of CO2 reductions in a variety of businesses using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and then identify issues as well as suggest an improving strategy.

Business Establishment Support & Technical Review

Business Establishment Support & Technical Review

Evaluation for Wind Energy Potential

  It is important to evaluate in advance whether power generation turbines with good potential are to be placed within the areas suggested for wind power generation, from the point of view of the amount of wind power that can be generated. This process is called evaluation for wind energy potential.
  JANUS evaluates wind energy potential quantitatively using a three-dimensional model for wind field and a tool called ARIA WIND to estimate the amount of wind power generated in complicated terrains. ARIA WIND takes into account the difference in the wind profile due to the roughness of the ground, and the change in wind due to the topography. Based on these consideration, it obtains the wind field in the calculated domain (wind state evaluation), in order to estimate the distribution of the amount of wind power generated within the calculated domain.